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Our main aim is to inspire health and wellness each day.

At Grown Pharmacy, we view health and well-being through a personal lens that focuses on one’s physical, mental, and personal life.

We know that people need care. That is why we design our content and sell medicines for our consumers.

GrownPharmacy bridges the gap between your lifestyle and medical websites by delivering the best quality medicines and trusted health-related information.

Grown Pharmacy is a social enterprise providing help to people everywhere access the latest medicines and chemicals more quickly and most affordable. We are a registered, independent online pharmacy intermediary sourcing each medicine for named patient use and overseeing every aspect of the shipping, safe and timely delivery to meet our patients need. we have helped over 2,500 patients so far and strive to give everyone in the world access to the best new medicines easily and faster because we undertand the defficulties patients could face without access to their madications. At Grown Pharmacy we are dedicated to the profession of compounding, and meeting the unique needs of each patient in a comfortable, relaxed and confidential environment. We deliver a complete circle of pharmacy care by providing lower cost, high-quality alternatives for patients.

Our Mission & Values

At the heart of our approach is true patient-centricity. This is more than putting patients first – we believe in empowering people to have every available option ready when they consult a healthcare professional. Nobody should suffer from the inability to access the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs because of their location.

We strive for a world where everybody, no matter who they are or where they live, has equal and fair access to the latest and best healthcare. This is because we firmly believe that health enables personal freedom and opportunity.


When you need your prescriptions filled or a customized compounded medication, Grown Pharmacy, located in
Los Angeles, Missouri has two convenient locations ready to assist you. Our friendly staff will welcome you with open arms and treat you like family. Because Grown Pharmacy is locally-owned and managed by the Grown family since 2005, we pride ourselves on knowing our community and the people we serve.

Grown Pharmacy provides state of the art medication, custom made to your needs, in our state-of-the-art compounding cleanroom. Unfortunately, many small pharmacies are not meeting the standards set forth by the government to protect your medication and protect you from harmful preparations. Grown Pharmacy invested a large sum of money into making our clean room (preparation area) safe for our staff and most importantly, YOU!

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